Friday, August 24, 2012

Instagram! ;)

If my IPad,Sasha can speak, she would say, "Hey! I'm so tired of taking photo of your face. c'mon. I want to take a rest dude". HAHAHAHA. so here are some of my favorite picture.TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

She's one of the awesome-est girl in our class, Dyan! :D Hi Dyan! :))

Meet my super-duper hot cousin from Canda. :))  Hey Ate Nelly! Will blog more about you soon! MWA! :D 


These girls are like my sisters. I treasure every moment i'm with them because I learned a lot from them. They always support me in whatever I do. But now, they are both busy because of their work. HUHUHU:(  
I love yerr girls! :D

I was rolling&&laughing when I saw this picture again. Someone tweeted me using "Christian Grey" as his username (hoping it's his LOL) when I tweeted something about Fifty Shades of Darker. Gawsh! I'm so excited to see it on a big screen. 

Her name is EG...Eternally Gorgeous! HAHAHA! She's a beauty queen! PAK! :D 

she's so KIKAY and she's so MAKULET. Like..yeah! She's cool and awesome! Hello Chiana! :DD

Love  love 

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