Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nelly Rose and cousins: A full blast reunion Part 1 (CAMARA ISLAND)

So this is my first post about my hottie cousin,Nelly who love to make "AYA"  to go in different places and try some stuffs! Well, here is all about our first trip with her. Last long weekend, we decided to visit Uncle Cesar's house in Zambales. And since we were there na, we went to San Antonio's Beach. So here are some pictures. :DD

ME.Nelly.Ate Jackie.Kuya Louie


Kuya Pau. Me. Ate Nelly. Ate Jackie. Ate Zela

I'm so excited wearing that orange life jacket because it was my first time to go in island. HIHIHI. thank you Ate Nelly.

After all the scary big waves, we can still pose and smile like this! :D HAHAHA. CHING!

And who's Lovi Poe? :)) Kiddin' But yeah it's true. She really looks like her. The girl in BonChon told us that .."alam mo ate may kamukha ka, si Lovi Poe. Nakita ko na yun sa personal e" and I was like, "YE YE YE. I'm with a hottie-Lovi! Love it! "

That's her mom. She's one of my coolest Auntie Nida. HAHAHa. She's very fun to be with. See you soon Auntie. :* She's so talkative and when I was young daw, she's always looking for if uuwi siya here sa Philippines kasi parehas kami, talkative :DD

That's the island. When the rain season came , that sand bar appears to connect the wonderful islands.  

As you can see, the second pic,I was with her waiting for the big waves the we'll jump over it. It was fun. :)) Love to do it again with her. :))

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