Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nelly Rose and Cousins: A Full Blast Reunion Part 2

So here is the part 2 of our reunion. We stayed in Uncle Ceasar's house that is near by the river. So after we finished our breakfast, we decided to goof around the village. It was a heavenly feeling when we heard this from our moms and dad "Be ready. pupunta tayo sa island sa San Antonio". San Antonio, Zambales is known for many white-sand-islands, so in just 10 mins of wearing our bikinis, ye, we were so ready to go in Camara Island. Super Excited? :)) Who wouldn't be?  HIHIHI. Thank you again Ate Nelly. :*


who's the tallest? :DD

Hello Kuya eric! :D

Love  love 

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