Monday, September 10, 2012

Second Time (another first time)

Yeah! This is like the part two of my FIRST TIME entry. HAHAHA. And yeah, I think you know naman already the story.. LOL :)) Well, if you guys are thinking that we watched UAAP Basketball game again, you're right. But this time, we did a lot of crazy stuffs so it's another first time for us. :)) (and this time, loser UE) Hahaha. So here are some of our KALOKA&&BONGGANG photos:

So, since we were(EG and I)  first to be in MOA, we goofed around and had window shopping like we are so jelly in some people there because they bought a lot of stuffs and we were like "tara, doon tayo. HAHAHA" plus there are lots of couples pa. :( LOL. Then we get super tired and super hungry and so we ate at Breadtalk. yum yum. love love their bread! <3 and that became our meeting place . :))

Chiana wears  Monkee  Business top. :)) I'm so jell'n. Arti ng butterfly effect. :( HAHAHA.

Love love Sola! :D I feel so healthy agad. :)) LOL. (agad-agad talaga? Hmm...)  

So here are some pictures: :))))

BTW, NU Bulldogs is the host of this UAAP Season :))

So, as part of the day........... tadaaaaaaaa. SMILE.+POSE = BALIW :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) love love love. Pictures are blurred because we kept on laughing and laughing laughing. We were like kids playing in the playground! HIHIHI! 

I am super dooper ultra mega lucky to meet these girls! :">  Hoping for more years and pictures for us! :))) Love you girls! You just dont know how thankful I am to be with you this sem!  MWA. You guys are incomparable! :)) Bonnggga kayo! PAK! Though we may have differences,  BONGGA PA din ang peg natin lagi! :DD <3 <3

Love  love 


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