Sunday, September 16, 2012

Her last day/MOA day

Ate Nelly told me that she wants to see MOA before she leave. And so we did one day before she return to Canada. We (me, ate nelly and ate Zela) had the best day ever that day. We roamed around the mall, bought some stuffs, ate good foods and the most unforgettable, we went to MOA's Eye Ferris Wheel. I screamed a lot because that big wheel was sending us to top slowly and you can see clearly how far you are from the ground. Also,the coldness inside the gondola made me so so so scared but when you're already on the top, "oh wow. the breathtaking color of the city" . NAKAKALOKAAAAAA! :))  So,after that energy-consuming ferris wheel, we ended our day in BonChon. :))

We went first to F21. :)))

We had our merienda in Crazy Crepe. Feels like heaven with that crepe.Love love. Bongga talaga .:)) Shutay Tommy ang peg? LOL!

Since she's about to leave, we stopped in Kultura then she bought shirts for her friends. :D If you are thinking that we had sun burn..nako teh, dtama kayo! :D HAHAHA.

Sila Ati maka-smile. PAKAK! busy-busyhan sa counter pero noong sinabi kong,picture...ay bongga,smile ng bongga agad. :D  CHECK! 

She loves animals. :DD 

MOA's Eye Ferris Wheel :D Colorful it is.

"Cousins are sisters too" :D

Love  love 

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