Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet EG (Eternally Gorgeous)

Meet EG (Evelyn Grace) a.k.a Eternally Gorgeous! :D She's my official photographer (photographer? bakit? hahaha.) and lovely fan! (maka-lovely fan? ECHOSERAA) :D HAHAHA.
First of all, I never thought that we will be super duper close. My first impression to her was that,she's a serious Fil-Am girl but I was wrong! She's so lokaret and so becky pala!  HAHAHA. :D Super duper arti namin! She  taught me a lot stuffs because we shared ideas. :D

So here is her 1920's inspired look! Lakas maka-Marilyn! Jeans on Jeans pa ang peg! Paaak! Cheeeeck! :D

Natatawa siya!  :)) Cuuuteee :))

look into the eyes of gorgeousness :))) 

Love  love 

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