Friday, September 7, 2012

Nelly Rose and Cousins: A Full Blast Reunion Part 3 (Lola's Day)

It was my Grandma's bday last August 26 and my wish for her is more years to come. :)) The celebration started at 3:00 pm where we ate a lot of foods.(of course, kaya nga palapad ako at hindi patangkad. Hahaah)  HAHAHHA. Like me! after the celebration, my cousin, Nelly, wanted to visit again Luneta Park and Intramuros since she had her photo with Rizal's monument there when she was a kid. :)))

Hi Kuya Ian. :)) 

She's Veneize. She's so dalaga na and i love her bangs! :D Tinalo side bangs ko. :(

emote-emote din sa Luneta. LOL.

Luneta at night. :D

that's Auntie Agnes. she's like my second mom. I usually see her during my semestral break and summer.  Love you Auntie. 
(Ansabe ng silver na bakal sa leeg?CHEEEECK!! Pak! :)))

Love  love 

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