Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey guys. I was busy for the past few days because of this short film. :D When I read the script, I was totally in surprised. I was assigned to play the role of Marcos in the story. Anyways, we only have 2 boys in our class some girls also in the other group were feminized.

Now, I am so nervous to watch the final product! HEEE. :D

Love  love 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Her last day/MOA day

Ate Nelly told me that she wants to see MOA before she leave. And so we did one day before she return to Canada. We (me, ate nelly and ate Zela) had the best day ever that day. We roamed around the mall, bought some stuffs, ate good foods and the most unforgettable, we went to MOA's Eye Ferris Wheel. I screamed a lot because that big wheel was sending us to top slowly and you can see clearly how far you are from the ground. Also,the coldness inside the gondola made me so so so scared but when you're already on the top, "oh wow. the breathtaking color of the city" . NAKAKALOKAAAAAA! :))  So,after that energy-consuming ferris wheel, we ended our day in BonChon. :))

We went first to F21. :)))

We had our merienda in Crazy Crepe. Feels like heaven with that crepe.Love love. Bongga talaga .:)) Shutay Tommy ang peg? LOL!

Since she's about to leave, we stopped in Kultura then she bought shirts for her friends. :D If you are thinking that we had sun burn..nako teh, dtama kayo! :D HAHAHA.

Sila Ati maka-smile. PAKAK! busy-busyhan sa counter pero noong sinabi kong,picture...ay bongga,smile ng bongga agad. :D  CHECK! 

She loves animals. :DD 

MOA's Eye Ferris Wheel :D Colorful it is.

"Cousins are sisters too" :D

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Monday, September 10, 2012

TRibbon :))

When I saw this top on F21, I didn't take my hands off to it. :)) It's so cool. I super love the surprise whenever I turn back. Isn't it so kikay? HAHAHAHA.. Arti ng peg. Well, thank you ate Nelly for this top. :D MWA.

sorry for the low quality. :))) 

Love  love 

Meet EG (Eternally Gorgeous)

Meet EG (Evelyn Grace) a.k.a Eternally Gorgeous! :D She's my official photographer (photographer? bakit? hahaha.) and lovely fan! (maka-lovely fan? ECHOSERAA) :D HAHAHA.
First of all, I never thought that we will be super duper close. My first impression to her was that,she's a serious Fil-Am girl but I was wrong! She's so lokaret and so becky pala!  HAHAHA. :D Super duper arti namin! She  taught me a lot stuffs because we shared ideas. :D

So here is her 1920's inspired look! Lakas maka-Marilyn! Jeans on Jeans pa ang peg! Paaak! Cheeeeck! :D

Natatawa siya!  :)) Cuuuteee :))

look into the eyes of gorgeousness :))) 

Love  love 

Second Time (another first time)

Yeah! This is like the part two of my FIRST TIME entry. HAHAHA. And yeah, I think you know naman already the story.. LOL :)) Well, if you guys are thinking that we watched UAAP Basketball game again, you're right. But this time, we did a lot of crazy stuffs so it's another first time for us. :)) (and this time, loser UE) Hahaha. So here are some of our KALOKA&&BONGGANG photos:

So, since we were(EG and I)  first to be in MOA, we goofed around and had window shopping like we are so jelly in some people there because they bought a lot of stuffs and we were like "tara, doon tayo. HAHAHA" plus there are lots of couples pa. :( LOL. Then we get super tired and super hungry and so we ate at Breadtalk. yum yum. love love their bread! <3 and that became our meeting place . :))

Chiana wears  Monkee  Business top. :)) I'm so jell'n. Arti ng butterfly effect. :( HAHAHA.

Love love Sola! :D I feel so healthy agad. :)) LOL. (agad-agad talaga? Hmm...)  

So here are some pictures: :))))

BTW, NU Bulldogs is the host of this UAAP Season :))

So, as part of the day........... tadaaaaaaaa. SMILE.+POSE = BALIW :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) love love love. Pictures are blurred because we kept on laughing and laughing laughing. We were like kids playing in the playground! HIHIHI! 

I am super dooper ultra mega lucky to meet these girls! :">  Hoping for more years and pictures for us! :))) Love you girls! You just dont know how thankful I am to be with you this sem!  MWA. You guys are incomparable! :)) Bonnggga kayo! PAK! Though we may have differences,  BONGGA PA din ang peg natin lagi! :DD <3 <3

Love  love 


Friday, September 7, 2012

Nelly Rose and Cousins: A Full Blast Reunion Part 3 (Lola's Day)

It was my Grandma's bday last August 26 and my wish for her is more years to come. :)) The celebration started at 3:00 pm where we ate a lot of foods.(of course, kaya nga palapad ako at hindi patangkad. Hahaah)  HAHAHHA. Like me! after the celebration, my cousin, Nelly, wanted to visit again Luneta Park and Intramuros since she had her photo with Rizal's monument there when she was a kid. :)))

Hi Kuya Ian. :)) 

She's Veneize. She's so dalaga na and i love her bangs! :D Tinalo side bangs ko. :(

emote-emote din sa Luneta. LOL.

Luneta at night. :D

that's Auntie Agnes. she's like my second mom. I usually see her during my semestral break and summer.  Love you Auntie. 
(Ansabe ng silver na bakal sa leeg?CHEEEECK!! Pak! :)))

Love  love