Friday, December 28, 2012

Before 2012 ends

I was scanning photos in my phone when I saw all these funny pictures that I must post talaga. Sorry friends if I have to. :">


Limbo's Bdayon Excess! It was my 2nd time to party. It was fun. YAY! :">

Taken last sem on Moonleaf! :D It was our friday habbit, MILK TEA


It was me while having break from Olvidon's shoot! :D

HYAAA!! :D Sabe ng pout? :)

Taken last December 25. This is what I did on Christmas Day,BIKING! FUN FUN!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo Diary

Back to blogging since I have 1 week to share some of my photos for 2012. :D YAY! I am so excited for 2013. thank you God that I'm still living on EARTH! YOU are so so so so POWERFUL! Love ya!
Plus, thank GOd that my iPad is still alive! :D HIHI. I thought masisira ko siya agad. :D

different sides of me by ARIAANNNNEEE my MI! <3

Serenitea days with Bullies! Hi May and KIM! :)))

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gettin' so fat

You know what I really hate when having a break? It is the fact that you'll have this lazy ass and you'll love your bed even more. Also, you couldn't hang-out with your friends because you don't have "baon" anymore and you are super duper gettin so faaaaaat! :((. 

:(( But now, I'm currently having my diet because I'll be back to school again. Imagine that 3 weeks break made me so fat that I couldn't wear some of my shorts. :((

The shorts that I wore last November 2 (when we visited Holy Cross cemetery) is stretchable. :D Plus my top is not a cropped top but it is a very long oversized dress. :DD So, to cover up my "oh-so-big-tummy",  I twisted it and tied it and TADAAAA!! (panget diba?LOL)

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

iPad Invaders: One day

Oh diba? Tarush ng title! :) This post will be loaded with our faces. Hope you'll forgive me! :D Pictures were taken when we seated-in in DKI class. :D WE. ARE. SO. VAIN. SORRY! :">

So are you ready? tadaaaaaaaaa! :">

My camerawhoring partner, Ali! :"> HAHAHA

Suspense film ang effect? :D HAHAHA! (I am the killer, and Mayrielle is the victim! :D) 

OMERGERR! I super love this effect! :D 

Vain girls with HYA! :D HAHAHA

LOL! Chiana is at the back! Hi GURL! :D

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iPad Invaders: DII

I know that some of you knows my b-day was on February 14 but I celebrated it with them last October 11. Sorry for the late post! :D Anyway, we had a good lunch at Yellow Cab, Morayta. We had 4 different kinds of best pizza by "PATAK PATAK system"! :D Moises, Jed and Mat-lee also celebrated their birthday with me. It was fun. I miss some of them! :))

Hi Chian! So inlove with her curly hair. Ganda niya noh? 

Girls with braces! :D HAHAHAH. 

DII! :">

Yummy in our tummy! These are the reasons why I hate sembreak. :D Whenever you are in school, you have a lot of friends and so by patak patak system, you have these chances to have your lunch in good restaurants or fast foods! :D  I miss those days. :D 

Meet Joe, maka-aura yan, wagas! :D  Bongga fasyown sense niyan ni Atii! :D HAHA

Meet Nathan! :D HAHAHA. He's so cool and fun to be with! LOL. Pag tumawa pa yan, kaloka, matatawa ka din :D

vain mode in the library! :)

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Exactly not for You

Reading books while eating junk foods are the best thing to do this semestral break. I’m almost done with Fifty Shades and now I discovered Exactly not for You on Wattpad. It is written by my good friend, Von. The first time I read his article, OH GASH, I can’t believe that he has the talent in writing some good stories. HAHAHA! I'm so proud of him (ugh. just kiddin'. LOL) 

Anyway, It’s all about the guy who fell in love with this girl during his high school days and… bla bla bla. Will read more about the story now. 

Ang drama ng cover. Lakas maka Fifty Shades ng cover. LOL!  Kaso, ENGLISH, mukhang macha-challenge ang beauty ko ditey! Anyways, let's read this guys! :))

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flower on Floral: a welcome to my semestral break :)

After surviving all those brain-damaging exams, it's time to celebrate by having MOVIE MARATHON. Anywayss, just so you know guys, last Saturday, I really cried much with One Day, The Vow and Dear John but I ended my day with Burlesque and I love it. I really love Christina Aguilera. She;s so damn hot and so galing! ;)

Tomorrow is Monday and I miss my girls, DKH and Vince. Plus, I have to start with my review for my battery exam next  year. Sounds like OA but I really have to pass that exam. I want to finish my course in UE that is known to be number 1 in dentistry. 

So, this day, say hello with my outfit that I wore in mass. HAHAHA. I just found that skirt while cleaning my closet and I pair it with a simple and detailed top from H&M. Anyways,I just want to share the story of my skirt. I got that skirt last 2 years ago. One day, (one day talaga? Story telling ? LOL ) my Kuya asked me to go with him in SM the Block. And I said yes because it his sahod (salary) day. (sahod day = hingi day). So, we went to different shops and bought some different stuffs then he asked me "kaw, ano gusto mo teh?". That's the question that I've been waiting and so as we stopped at Freeway but I really don't know what to buy. I'm just so overwhelmed with all the clothes there. Until, I saw the mannequin. She waved her hands at me like she's calling . And so I went near her and noticed her skirt. That's the end of the story. K. :D

sorry for he low quality.I used my iPad for this post.:">

meet my cousin, a nurse and a party girl. :)) Ate Jenny! :*

50 shades of Grey. :D I'm on 2nd book na, DARKER.  OMY. I am so damn crazy with 
Christian Grey! He's so damn hot and a loving and adorable guy! Anastasia is just a lucky girl! :">

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

iPad Invaders: Love love DKH ♥

So these are some of the photos of my blockmates. I’m going to miss them so much. We’re all girls in that section and I feel like I am their little sister. They’re all nice and so fun to be with. They may have different attitudes, but those differences unite them and so here they are. Funny people with big hearts! I super love them. Hoping that, they’ll be still my classmates next semester.

So here they are: 

Meet my girls! :"> HIHIHI!Most of them are scholars and I am so thankful to be part of their section because I am always inspired to study and study and study and doing some crazy stuffs like dancing and singing in front of them or in the middle of discussions when I get bored.  Hahahaha. Clown lang? :D

They look alike, right? They're Magalonas anywaay! LOL. I'm just  kidding! :D 
Well, she's LEN! :D I always call her Sab and the other one is Elmo, that's Gab. :D 

That's Jhomz, Gab's best friend. They always act like gays and they're so funny! When I'm with them, I never stop to laughing! They're both cool. So, that's HYA, bully #4 :D She's a very tall girl with cute dimples on her face! :D 

Meet Rochelle :D She's so vain like me. :)) Biglang may picture yan sa phone ko, sabay "kailan yan? :)) "

Hi Renzie! :D Funny-sweet-girl! She has this voice that when she sings, you'll probably stop on whatever you're doing and just listen to her. She's a very good actress on our Phil. Lit subject! :D She's very expressive  especially when she's telling a story. 

I think you know Ahlee already. She's my vainmates! :D HAHAHA! So, I want you to meet, Ivy. She's my idol. She's a singer and bassist. :D Isn't that cool? She's also smart and funny girl. :D I always love to hug her. HIHI! :">

And that's Kim. :)) Frank but cool. She's effortlessly beautiful.  That chinita look and long hair, oh man, she's super duper adorable ;) 

More photos soon. Sorry for posting it late. :D

Love  love 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

iPad Invaders (Part 1)

Hope you know na already the reason of my title! Hahaha.  Anywaaays, i want you to meet the people who are not just a classmate, a friend but they became my sisters and brothers. Hahaha! Whenever I bring myi pad in school, I always  want to take some pictures with them because picture speaks for itself (ano daw? gets niyo? ako hindi. haha). Also, when I get old, I want to see myself smiling and laughing while looking at these photos! :'( (old agad, mukha namang kinder. Hahaha)

OMERR, I don't want to get old so I can capture a lot of pictures of my everyday life. HUHUH. :)) So teleserye na ang peg,  so here are they: 

She's Haidee, a super duper funny girl! :DD Say hello to my MESSY HAIR/ HAIR by HAND!

ALYZUUH, bully #1 :( LOL HAHAHA.

My Pakner,Lilac! :DD The Becky of DKH! 

SIYERUUH AND KIM! :D bully #2 & #3 :))))

a very hot friend of my bro! PAKAK! Love herr! PAWS up! :D

Will be posting tons of photos soon. :D

Love  love