Friday, October 19, 2012

Exactly not for You

Reading books while eating junk foods are the best thing to do this semestral break. I’m almost done with Fifty Shades and now I discovered Exactly not for You on Wattpad. It is written by my good friend, Von. The first time I read his article, OH GASH, I can’t believe that he has the talent in writing some good stories. HAHAHA! I'm so proud of him (ugh. just kiddin'. LOL) 

Anyway, It’s all about the guy who fell in love with this girl during his high school days and… bla bla bla. Will read more about the story now. 

Ang drama ng cover. Lakas maka Fifty Shades ng cover. LOL!  Kaso, ENGLISH, mukhang macha-challenge ang beauty ko ditey! Anyways, let's read this guys! :))

Love  love 

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