Saturday, October 13, 2012

iPad Invaders: Love love DKH ♥

So these are some of the photos of my blockmates. I’m going to miss them so much. We’re all girls in that section and I feel like I am their little sister. They’re all nice and so fun to be with. They may have different attitudes, but those differences unite them and so here they are. Funny people with big hearts! I super love them. Hoping that, they’ll be still my classmates next semester.

So here they are: 

Meet my girls! :"> HIHIHI!Most of them are scholars and I am so thankful to be part of their section because I am always inspired to study and study and study and doing some crazy stuffs like dancing and singing in front of them or in the middle of discussions when I get bored.  Hahahaha. Clown lang? :D

They look alike, right? They're Magalonas anywaay! LOL. I'm just  kidding! :D 
Well, she's LEN! :D I always call her Sab and the other one is Elmo, that's Gab. :D 

That's Jhomz, Gab's best friend. They always act like gays and they're so funny! When I'm with them, I never stop to laughing! They're both cool. So, that's HYA, bully #4 :D She's a very tall girl with cute dimples on her face! :D 

Meet Rochelle :D She's so vain like me. :)) Biglang may picture yan sa phone ko, sabay "kailan yan? :)) "

Hi Renzie! :D Funny-sweet-girl! She has this voice that when she sings, you'll probably stop on whatever you're doing and just listen to her. She's a very good actress on our Phil. Lit subject! :D She's very expressive  especially when she's telling a story. 

I think you know Ahlee already. She's my vainmates! :D HAHAHA! So, I want you to meet, Ivy. She's my idol. She's a singer and bassist. :D Isn't that cool? She's also smart and funny girl. :D I always love to hug her. HIHI! :">

And that's Kim. :)) Frank but cool. She's effortlessly beautiful.  That chinita look and long hair, oh man, she's super duper adorable ;) 

More photos soon. Sorry for posting it late. :D

Love  love 

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