Saturday, October 20, 2012

iPad Invaders: One day

Oh diba? Tarush ng title! :) This post will be loaded with our faces. Hope you'll forgive me! :D Pictures were taken when we seated-in in DKI class. :D WE. ARE. SO. VAIN. SORRY! :">

So are you ready? tadaaaaaaaaa! :">

My camerawhoring partner, Ali! :"> HAHAHA

Suspense film ang effect? :D HAHAHA! (I am the killer, and Mayrielle is the victim! :D) 

OMERGERR! I super love this effect! :D 

Vain girls with HYA! :D HAHAHA

LOL! Chiana is at the back! Hi GURL! :D

Love  love 

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