Saturday, October 20, 2012

iPad Invaders: DII

I know that some of you knows my b-day was on February 14 but I celebrated it with them last October 11. Sorry for the late post! :D Anyway, we had a good lunch at Yellow Cab, Morayta. We had 4 different kinds of best pizza by "PATAK PATAK system"! :D Moises, Jed and Mat-lee also celebrated their birthday with me. It was fun. I miss some of them! :))

Hi Chian! So inlove with her curly hair. Ganda niya noh? 

Girls with braces! :D HAHAHAH. 

DII! :">

Yummy in our tummy! These are the reasons why I hate sembreak. :D Whenever you are in school, you have a lot of friends and so by patak patak system, you have these chances to have your lunch in good restaurants or fast foods! :D  I miss those days. :D 

Meet Joe, maka-aura yan, wagas! :D  Bongga fasyown sense niyan ni Atii! :D HAHA

Meet Nathan! :D HAHAHA. He's so cool and fun to be with! LOL. Pag tumawa pa yan, kaloka, matatawa ka din :D

vain mode in the library! :)

Love  love 

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