Sunday, October 7, 2012

iPad Invaders (Part 1)

Hope you know na already the reason of my title! Hahaha.  Anywaaays, i want you to meet the people who are not just a classmate, a friend but they became my sisters and brothers. Hahaha! Whenever I bring myi pad in school, I always  want to take some pictures with them because picture speaks for itself (ano daw? gets niyo? ako hindi. haha). Also, when I get old, I want to see myself smiling and laughing while looking at these photos! :'( (old agad, mukha namang kinder. Hahaha)

OMERR, I don't want to get old so I can capture a lot of pictures of my everyday life. HUHUH. :)) So teleserye na ang peg,  so here are they: 

She's Haidee, a super duper funny girl! :DD Say hello to my MESSY HAIR/ HAIR by HAND!

ALYZUUH, bully #1 :( LOL HAHAHA.

My Pakner,Lilac! :DD The Becky of DKH! 

SIYERUUH AND KIM! :D bully #2 & #3 :))))

a very hot friend of my bro! PAKAK! Love herr! PAWS up! :D

Will be posting tons of photos soon. :D

Love  love 

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