Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flower on Floral: a welcome to my semestral break :)

After surviving all those brain-damaging exams, it's time to celebrate by having MOVIE MARATHON. Anywayss, just so you know guys, last Saturday, I really cried much with One Day, The Vow and Dear John but I ended my day with Burlesque and I love it. I really love Christina Aguilera. She;s so damn hot and so galing! ;)

Tomorrow is Monday and I miss my girls, DKH and Vince. Plus, I have to start with my review for my battery exam next  year. Sounds like OA but I really have to pass that exam. I want to finish my course in UE that is known to be number 1 in dentistry. 

So, this day, say hello with my outfit that I wore in mass. HAHAHA. I just found that skirt while cleaning my closet and I pair it with a simple and detailed top from H&M. Anyways,I just want to share the story of my skirt. I got that skirt last 2 years ago. One day, (one day talaga? Story telling ? LOL ) my Kuya asked me to go with him in SM the Block. And I said yes because it his sahod (salary) day. (sahod day = hingi day). So, we went to different shops and bought some different stuffs then he asked me "kaw, ano gusto mo teh?". That's the question that I've been waiting and so as we stopped at Freeway but I really don't know what to buy. I'm just so overwhelmed with all the clothes there. Until, I saw the mannequin. She waved her hands at me like she's calling . And so I went near her and noticed her skirt. That's the end of the story. K. :D

sorry for he low quality.I used my iPad for this post.:">

meet my cousin, a nurse and a party girl. :)) Ate Jenny! :*

50 shades of Grey. :D I'm on 2nd book na, DARKER.  OMY. I am so damn crazy with 
Christian Grey! He's so damn hot and a loving and adorable guy! Anastasia is just a lucky girl! :">

Love  love 

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