Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gettin' so fat

You know what I really hate when having a break? It is the fact that you'll have this lazy ass and you'll love your bed even more. Also, you couldn't hang-out with your friends because you don't have "baon" anymore and you are super duper gettin so faaaaaat! :((. 

:(( But now, I'm currently having my diet because I'll be back to school again. Imagine that 3 weeks break made me so fat that I couldn't wear some of my shorts. :((

The shorts that I wore last November 2 (when we visited Holy Cross cemetery) is stretchable. :D Plus my top is not a cropped top but it is a very long oversized dress. :DD So, to cover up my "oh-so-big-tummy",  I twisted it and tied it and TADAAAA!! (panget diba?LOL)

Love  love 

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